So Your Ex Girlfriend Has a New Boyfriend?! …How To Steal Her Back With a Little Psychological Jiu-Jitsu

Ouch, buddy..

The pain of finding out that your ex girlfriend has a new boyfriend is tough to swallow.  I know, because I’ve been there before and so have millions of other men.

If you find yourself in this soul-sucking situation and are looking for ways to get back together with your ex then listen up.

There are some time-tested tactics out there that work, but you have to look yourself in the mirror and make sure you really want to do this.

Why is that?

Because you’re going to be doing a lot of sacrificing for this girl, so she better be worth it.

Step 1 – She’s On a Rebound

In most cases your ex is on a rebound.  If you’ve done some snooping around on this new guy, you probably think that he’s not good for her.

Guess what?

You’re right.  Women who are on a rebound tend to overshoot their new found freedom.  And you will you that as an ADVANTAGE.

But right now, accept the fact that your girl isn’t with you.  I want you to write down all of the details of your breakup.  This will help you clear your mind a little.  Here are some examples of what you can write about:

–         All of the unanswered questions you have for your ex

–         Things that you would have done different

–         What you plan to say to her on her birthday

–         The good memories you had when you were together

Don’t leave anything out.  You should end up with a couple of pages of pure emotion.

Step 2 – Attract Her With Mental Jiu-Jitsu

Accept the fact that your ex is with someone new.  Actually, be HAPPY that she’s with this new guy and tell her about it. (You’re probably going to have to fake your sincerity)

Tell her that you’re glad that she’s happy and that you were thinking about breaking up with her for some time now.

Ask her when is the wedding and not to forget to invite you.

Because the odds are that she’s on a rebound, and she’s neither really happy nor going to marry this guy.

You have just planted a valuable seed in your ex’s mind.  She’ll be confused by your words and will start to think about you and what you said.

This is a simple but powerful tactic that only a few people utilize.

Step 3 – Create a Vacuum

By disappearing from your ex’s life, you’ll create a vacuum that your ex will want to fill.  (Especially after you left her confused)

Most dating coaches out there will advise you to “cut off contact”.

You’re not going to do that exactly.

What you will do is cut contact and wait for your ex to initiate contact with YOU.  Usually this will take anywhere from 2-4 weeks.

And in some cases it can take 2-4 months.

When your ex does finally try to get in contact with you – DO NOT REPLY.

This is the vacuum I’m talking about.

You will wait it out AGAIN until she tries to contact you a SECOND time.

You now have a small ember glowing…ready to be ignited into a flame.

These are just the beginning steps of your ultimate game plan of winning back YOUR woman.

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Good luck..we’re rooting for you!

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