Five well-known myths about Las Vegas escorts

Most people visit Las Vegas for various reasons. The city is considered the America’s Sin City, Adult Disneyland, and the Playground. It has a host of other nicknames with people holding several myths about the escorts there who play a crucial role in the adult entertainment industry there. However, not everything you read on the internet about the Las Vegas escorts is a fact. The escort industry can be seen in all cities across the United States with Vegas being the ground zero. Escorts in Las Vegas cater to a wide range of customers like the tourists, locals, and couples looking for sex, bachelor parties and much more.

Here are five myths to dispel about the Las Vegas escorts

1. The escorts have no other career options

You will be surprised to find out that some of the Las Vegas escorts at VegasRoomService escorts have left big jobs in the corporate world to work as escorts. There are bright minds in the escort industry in Vegas who have chosen to work as escorts because they enjoy doing it and the ease money that comes with it. They don’t just have the good looks but the brains too. Even college students work in the city as escorts part time.

2. Most escorts hate their work

You might think most of these women hate what they do and just work as escorts because they need the money. However, you will be surprised to learn that most of them enjoy working as escorts for various reasons. Apart from money, most of the escorts choose to work as escorts because they love it.

las-vegas-escort-girl3. All escorts look the same

This is not true as you will find escorts from different nationalities and ethnicities in Las Vegas. There are Asian escorts, blonde escorts, Russian escorts, GFE escorts, brunette escorts and much more.

4. Escorts look cheap, and people will know I hired her

This is a common myth with visitors thinking all escorts look cheap and dress trashy. However, you will be surprised to find high-end escorts at escort agency who look like women working in big corporate jobs in the industry with great conversational skills. Most escorts dress expensively and will always attract some attention when walking by your side. Next time you think escorts look cheap, think again.

5. Escorts have STDs

Most people who don’t hire the Las Vegas escorts think they all have STDs and will infect them. This is not true and most escorts working with agencies undergo weekly STDs testing to ensure they are healthy. In fact, escorts are very hygienic and will rarely engage in unsafe sex as it is part of their professional job.

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