Your Ex Girlfriend Has a New Boyfriend and You Want Her Back?…Well, Here’s What NOT To Do!

I feel your pain. Nothing is more gut wrenching when you find out that your ex girlfriend has a boyfriend. But if you think there is a chance that there is a spark inside of her towards you…(there usually is). Then you can still win her back.

How? Well, For Starters…Here’s what NOT to do!

Boo-Boo #1: “I Need To Get Something Off My Chest”

So you need some answers on what happened or you just want to tell her how much she meant to you and that anytime she needs something that you’re always there for her.

Stop right there…nothing is more repulsive to a woman who broke up with you than having “a talk”. Let it go, and we’ll do something about it later.

Boo-Boo #2: “Birthday Surprise”

Her birthday is coming up and you’ve come up with sneaky plan to get her a gift that will prove how much you know her. You’ve been thinking about it for a while, even thinking what to say with a text or email.

It’s tough not to say anything, but you got to toughen up. We’re rooting for you.

Boo-Boo #3: “Checking Up”

Forwarding her emails, leaving messages on her Facebook, drunk calling, are all signs of “hanging on”.

Let it go, man. You just want to know how’s she’s doing? No, you don’t. You want to know if she’s still thinking about you. And she will be thinking about you if you learn not to “check up” on her, ok?

Boo-Boo #4: “Social Circle Sabotage”

Staying close with her crowd is just an excuse for you to “check up”. Please, for dear life, stay away. It doesn’t matter if you both have some of the same friends. Try to create some breathing room for yourself. Delete numbers and unfriend Facebook friends. You can always and will get them back.

Boo-Boo #5: “Hoping Instead of Planning”

Look, bro, when things like this happen, guys tend to think irrationally. Are YOU constantly checking your emails and texts hoping that it’s her? You keep this up and it’s going to affect your health.

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