How to Make a Broken Relationship Last – Step #1: Avoid These 4 Mistakes That 99% of Broken-Hearted Men Make

Winning back an ex-girlfriend is tough. How to make that relationship last a second time around is even tougher. Don’t make these same mistakes again because you will only get one shot.

1. Treating Her Like a Guy Buddy – Your Girl wants to be treated like a woman, not a man. Yes, she could watch a football game with you once in awhile, but was that your idea of a night out? How about dressing up once in awhile and taking her out like it was your first date? Open the door for her, hold her hand and LEAD the way. Look I know this can be difficult for some of you, but if you don’t make a change, your relationship will go through the same motions and will not last.

2. Giving Her Guilt Trips – Never bring up anything negative from the past. If you want some answers, go talk to yourself in front of a mirror. Bringing up the past will only build resentment in your girl. This is such a big no-no that it’s better to stay silent. Don’t pout or give hints either. If she ever brings anything up do not go into any lengthy conversation. Keep it short and positive. Say something like, “you know what, yea, but let’s just think about the now, let’s go get some ice-cream.” Transitioning to something more active than having a session of “alone time” is much more beneficial.

3. Mistrusting Her – This is important because there will be an imbalance with trust. You must trust her and you must not worry if she DOES NOT trust you. Why? Because you will end up trying too hard to “make things right” or “making sure she’s OK,” and anytime this happens, relationships go downhill quick. Mistrust on your shoulders will be too big of a burden for you. You have to let the past go and look positively in the future, regardless what she things. This is opposite to the advice of many so-called experts, who want couples to “talk it out”.

4. Stale, like your personality – Did you suck away all of the excitement and freshness of your relationship? You probably did. Female boredom deflates relationships. You need to keep the excitement up once in awhile. Learn new bedroom tricks or take a trip together somewhere exotic. A lot of men take try to make up for this AFTER things get bad, but cracks in a relationship happen much earlier than you think and slowly breaks down over months or even years. If you were lucky enough to win your ex back, don’t mess it up a second time, or she will be in love with someone else.

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