Girlfriend v/s Escort girls

8b0b43ec094b29c095f54ded8e429598Hi friends. This is me back again with a brand new idea. This time my target would be your girlfriends. Don’t be afraid, I won’t speak ill of your girls but would clarify some points about the girlfriends which make them inferior to the Escort girls. Just search over the internet and you would find many site full of lovely girls known as escorts. Just order them and enjoy. You would feel a bit uneasy but in next few lines I would make my points clear that it’s better to hire an Escort than to commit a girlfriend. So I start right now.

The first and the foremost point which makes the Escorts superior is that they don’t break hearts like the girlfriends. Girlfriends are very demanding and once you live up to their expectations then they don’t delay to ditch you and find another one. If you talk about escorts their only demand is money. Once you pay them, they would act as your girlfriend and would be glad to accompany you wherever you want to take her. So if you calculate then the Escorts are much cost effective than the girlfriends.

508bcf56887e0c308485e0b5f0e6669aThe second benefit with the escorts is that they don’t want your attention and sweet talks. Unlike the girlfriends you don’t have to stick to your cell phone so that you stay in touch with her. Instead the Escorts are always ready to speak to you and pamper you whenever you want. You can share your feelings with her and if you any kind of stress you can speak about it with the girl as the Escorts are intelligent and educated girls and they can understand your emotions and would certainly provide a remedy to it. At the same time dirty talks are also welcomed with them if you wish so.

8The third and the most important benefit with the Escort is you would get a new face each and every time. It is truth you can’t eat chicken role everyday and you need pasta, roasted chicken to refresh yourself as well. In the same way you can’t enjoy sex your girlfriend everyday at the same time with her arrogance behavior. When you have the freedom to share your experience and your bed with new girls every night then why waste time and money on the girlfriends.

So friends now it has been clear to you that getting Escort girls is 100 times better than having a girlfriend and it’s a fun meeting new girls day after day. So dear ones it’s a bye bye from my side and would see you again with a new blog and a new topic.

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