Why woman leave men

When a marriage is in crisis, the situation can be too complex and sometime women can still leave a man that she still loves. They may be terrible about doing it and it will tear their hearts apart. However, in the end they will end up doing it and they get enough courage to achieve it. Women decide to leave men even if they have lives, homes and children with them.

There are many reasons why a woman will decide to leave, but the most common is when a man is never present in the home. He spends time working, watching the TV, gaming or fishing. This does not mean that these men are bad men or bad fathers. They may be supporting their family, they can be likeable, but they decide to take their wives for granted and they are never present. A woman wants to feel you and you do not have to do everything absent mindedly. She wants to feel that you are passionate about her and to feel the passion from you. You should not show her passion towards sex but passion towards her as a human. Touch the woman and give her all the attention you have. See what happens if you make contact with the woman. Check if she has emotions and sensation. You have to let her know what you feel towards her moment after the moment.

There is life change: when someone reaches midlife, the life can change in different ways. They will need to feel as if they are wanted and they are desired by men. When menopause comes in, what women were able to tolerate easily, they cannot standard it any more. The children will go away to join college, the parents will need to be given full time care while there will be financial stress. A woman, who suffers illness or cancer, can find the reset button which will push men away of their own lives. When a woman passes through this hard time, she needs a strong man to be with her throughout it all. If a woman thinks that she is no longer being supported by his man, then he will get rid of that man.

Women do not like if their men are predictable: some men will fall into the comfortable life. When they get older, they do not like the idea of participating in different things as far as they do not benefit from them. During the midlife crisis, men do not care too much about their women and the woman wants to know if they still matter about their men. Familiarity is not something that women like when they are in the midlife. It makes the woman to be bored and she thinks her man as a fixture and not as a companion.

Some women decides to leave the man if they find out that he was been visiting escorts. Men may start to hire escorts not because they hate their wives or lives, but they just want to be sexually satisfied. Some women after giving birth do not care how they look and they lose interest in sex. However, men still want sex and they go to look for it from other places. When women find out about it, they consider the men as selfish who sees women like their property, so they can buy them. They think that their men put their health at risk by visiting escorts. They spend the money of the family on the prostitutes. A man had invested her energy, time and money in escorts instead of having to spend for the family and their children.

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