What to Wear as a Male Stripper

Becoming a male stripper is slowly evolving into a popular option amongst a number of youthful individuals who happen to reside in urban areas. Whereas in the past this industry was mainly considered to be a female occupation, there are more and more cases of demand rising for male strippers in recent years. This has made it a viable option for those who may be looking to get into the business as a new source of revenue for their expenses. There are a number of factors that any individual considering an entry into the male stripper business will need to take into consideration. These matters involve related elements that will come into play should a person choose to delve into the professional realms of this particular industry.

One of the main issues that an individual will have to take into consideration when thinking about becoming a male stripper has to do with the kind of apparel they will need for their performances. Though this may sound like a very small part of the overall gig, its importance comes to light when an individual finds that they have to make a decision regarding this subject. What a person will wear during their performances will depend on a number of factors related to the activity, and the particular person in question as well. Personal choices and preferences will have to be weighed against the various needs of the specific performance involved.

Some of the things that an individual will need to take into consideration when they are contemplating what to wear with regard to their profession as a male stripper include:


The kind of style that an individual is going for will determine the kind of outer clothing that will be purchased by a potential male stripper. This style in most cases will depend on the particular theme that an individual is going for. A western theme will require a related getup such as a cowboy costume for example. It is essential for an individual to have more than one costume for their performances in order to create a variety of options during events. The larger the variety available to an individual, the better their chances of creating a variety of shows and increasing their chances of employment opportunities.


Stripping would be an arguably expensive project if an individual was to destroy the clothes they have on every time they were to perform. This destruction can include actions such as ripping off the shirt they have on, or literally tearing off one’s pants during the show. These actions could also be difficult to accomplish with ordinary clothes, as some fabrics are tough and extremely hard to tear up. Most performers use specially designed clothes that are easier to deal with during a show. The changes to the clothes could involve using a different/weaker fabric that is easy to tear and/or easily removable items of clothing.

The clothes that an individual will choose to wear during a performance may also be influenced by their personal preferences, especially with regard to the undergarments.

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