Tasty Ways to Spice Up Your Sex Life

We all like to add a little extra excitement and play to our sex lives, don’t we?

And there are, of course, quite literally a million and one ways of doing that you’re sexual adventures are only limited by your imagination…and your sensibilities. And it’s not a new idea to bring food into the bedroom. After all, the acts of eating (consumption) and sex seem to be inextricably linked.

But if you need a few suggestions, here are just some of the ‘tasty’ ways to spice up your sex life:

Passion-Building Body Powder
Edible body powder can be purchased in readymade format or made at home with a few simple ingredients (cornstarch, arrowroot, vanilla powder and honey powder). It can be used, much like a talc, and applied onto a just washed body. It can, of course, then be licked off. However, even if the thought of being licked all over doesn’t appeal, kissing your skin will be a newly delicious delight for your lover.

Pleasing Body Paints
Readily available from a whole host of websites just try typing edible body paint into Google and see how many options appear, edible body paints are another great way to add some tasty fun to your bedroom play. However, the additional benefit of body paints is that you can get creative in your play. Use body paints to draw and write all over your lover’s body, then have even greater fun when it comes to removing your newly formed masterpiece!

Freaky Body Frosting
Who doesn’t like frosting? Easy to make or readily available from the local supermarket, frosting is tasty, sticky fun. Why not spread some frosting over your lover’s chest and watch him squirm under your touch as you lick it from his body. How about letting him spread frosting all over you? He may never be able to look at a cupcake in quite the same way again!

Have Fun with Fondue
One of my favorite things (and I’m sure I’m not alone here, girls) is chocolate. Now, combine chocolate and sex and, as far as I’m concerned, you are on to a winner! Fondue sets are now very easy to come by and with a portable heat source, it’s easy to take the fondue fun up to your bedroom. Of course, you can have fun spreading the fondue over each other (make sure it’s not too hot first) or enjoy the simple pleasure of feeding each other. Pieces of fruit, fudge or other sweet delights make great fondue dipping treats.

These are, of course, just some of the options available for edible sexy fun. While using any of these tasty treats, I highly recommend that you experiment with different ways of applying body paints or frostings and I also advise you to explore different ways of licking these delicious substances from your lover’s body. For instance, when licking some of that yummy frosting from your partner’s chest, why not trace your tongue in various shapes, such as the letters of the alphabet. Notice how the variety of swirls and sweeps affects him.

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