Does She Love Me?? 5 Surefire Ways NOT To Find Out!

So what do you need to look out for?

Bad Sign #1- Her Excuses – Is your girl always making excuses NOT to do anything with you? Whether if she’s disappearing with her girlfriends or preventing you access to her Facebook page, these are subtle clues that you need to look into.

Bad Sign #2- Humor – Remember when she used to laugh at your corny jokes? I’m sure she does also…some time ago. Funny as it might seem, but if your woman doesn’t laugh as much around you as in the past, that’s a good sign your relationship is cracking.

Bad Sign #3- Comparing – If she’s been comparing you with other men or asking you why you can’t be like this guy or that guy, weird as it might seem, she’s actually trying to help you out. “But how come she can’t like me for me?” You know why?… because you’ve changed, not her. Read the next sign

Bad Sign #4- Backbone – If you’re girl has mentioned anything similar to the following lines to your face, your relationship needs some serious help:

– “You’re too much of a pushover”

– “Why don’t you get a backbone”

– “Stand up for yourself”

– “You’re the man, shouldn’t you lead?”

– “You just don’t understand…forget it”

Bad Sign #5- Your Gut – Trust your instincts. You know something is wrong and she just seems “different”. You’ve tried talking about it and tried being more romantic…but you just don’t understand. In situations like this, the problem usually started way back before you even realized it.

Reverse it before she sleeps with a new man…

These are just the beginning steps of your ultimate plan of getting YOUR girl back when you’re not sure if she loves you.

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