How to Survive a Breakup – I Know Your Pain, Brother… So Read On

How to survive a breakup will take a little mind manipulation to make things better for now, but can help you win your girl again later.

Because no one can understand the pain you’re going through right now, a big part of the battle will be against yourself.

It’s painful but I’m rooting for you.

Here are the best ways to mend your busted heart FAST:

Tip #1 -Silence Your Mind – Now before you complain about doing anything hokey, listen for a second, you have no choice. Control your thoughts or let it control you. All you need to do is this…take 15 minutes out of your day, preferably somewhere quiet and clear your mind. Stop the constant chattering and learn to control what comes in your head. It’s easier in theory, so get practicing. You’re thinking about your breakup constantly. Let me emphasize that again…you’re THINKING. Now, learn to change your THINKING.

Tip #2- Get Physical – Taking the opposite direction of Tip #1, you need to get yourself into a gym. Not just any gym, but a FIGHTING gym. Look into Boxing, Jiu-Jitsu, Muy Thai, or my suggestion, a Mixed Martial Arts Gym, these are all the rage right now, and you’ll learn new skills and get your aggressions out in a positive way. You don’t have to be a buffed out, Affliction shirt wearing guy. There are old ladies doing it for crying out loud!

Tip #3- Stop It – Control yourself from contacting your ex. Store her contact info in a safe place and then delete her number from your phone, delete her email addresses, delete her from Facebook, delete her from everything. Don’t worry; you stored everything you just need to keep her out of site for a little bit. You’ll have your chance at contacting her again. You’re making it harder than it actually is.

These are just the beginning steps of winning YOUR girl back before she sleeps with another man.

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