Ways To Save a Relationship – A Man’s Manifesto to Making It Work

Do a quick search online and you’ll see that there are thousands of ways to save a relationship. But the problem is that everyone is says the same thing, and what they’re saying doesn’t work. It’s outdated and is too easy on you.

If you want the best advice on saving a relationship, you must be willing to survive a brutally honest reality check. If so, then read on:

First, you must understand that there is a certain tipping point with women that once crossed, you will NEVER win her back.

Second, everyone’s situation is different. Some examples include:

– You’re in the midst of a divorce

– She just wants some space

– You’re separated but still live with each other

– There was some infidelity

…and the list goes on.

Whatever the reason, most men fall into two camps.

1. You initiated the break

2. She initiated the break

I’m going to guess that in your case, she initiated the breakup and you’re looking for answers. And that’s what we’ll focus on.

Now to drill down even further, when a guy gets dumped, it’s either because:

1. Your focus was more on something else, like work.

2. You cheated on her.

3. You lost your backbone.

Most men fall in the “number 3″ category (which we will focus on). Does she still want to be friends or did she leave you for another man?

It doesn’t matter, because the underlying problem was that you had cease to exist to her as a man and it’s a tough pill to swallow.

So how do you get yourself back on track and save your relationship?

It’s actually easy in theory, but difficult for most men.

And that is…

You must learn to live YOUR life to the fullest. I mean, seriously, live it up. “Redline” the RPM’s in this game called life. And do it with no regrets.

Forget about your breakup and focus on yourself.

What are your dreams that you’ve wanted to accomplish? Quit your job, start a business, travel the world? I don’t know, ask yourself.

Meet new women, and don’t hesitate. You lost your “mojo” in the dating world? Set up multiple online profiles or join a group of like-minded people. You have no excuses, especially nowadays with the internet. Expand your social circle and get your edge back.

Move forward and move hard. Don’t look back to the past. Be GLAD that she broke up with you. Right now you’re living in your ex’s reality. Make your own reality, man.

But men are stubborn, and you won’t understand this just yet…

You’re going to wait around and pretend that everything is ok. But what you don’t understand is that you’re up against a powerful force, and that is a woman’s intuition. And she can smell your neediness a mile away.

The day you’ll understand will be the day you find out that she’s in a new relationship (and she will be). Then you will “get it”. Got it?

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