How to Get Back Your Ex Girlfriend’s Love – 5 BIG TIME Mistake You Need To Avoid

Your girl left you, now what? The steps to how to get back your love requires a little planning and patience. Most people fail at it, but the ones who won their ex’s hearts again did so by avoiding these common mistakes:

Blunder #1 – Social Circle Yapping

If you’re friends with her friends, try your best to keep your mouth shut about your breakup. If you get asked what happened between the both of you, just say something similar to this:

“Everything is cool, we just went our separate ways”

Look positive about the whole situation, even if you have to seriously fake it. And change the subject!

Blunder #2 – Drinking and Driving

There will be no drunk calling, texting, emailing or Facebooking to your ex. If you want to repel women from you, go ahead and drink your troubles away. This is one of the reasons why so many dating experts out there advise men to break off any contact so you don’t dig yourself into a bigger hole.

Blunder #3 – No Good Detective

Look, the internet age is keeping people connecting like never before. But you need to stop with the snooping. Trying to find out what your girl is doing from her friends or online will help nurture that gut-wrenching pain inside of you. Take it easy and take a step back. Most guys have been through this and we’re rooting for you.

Blunder #4– Wine and Dine Your New Girlfriend

Treat yourself, man. Don’t let a seemingly bad situation, get you down. If you were dating yourself (yea, it sound weird, but just open your mind), you wouldn’t want lifeless, negative person. Take on some new adventures and spoil yourself. You deserve it.

Blunder #5– Can You Win Her Again?

Yes, it’s actually not difficult, but these are just the beginning steps of a bigger plan of getting back together with YOUR girl.

Now listen up, read carefully, and take action…

I don’t want to scare you, but in situations like this, time is NOT on your side… Your Ex is constantly coming across new, exciting and cool guys…(i.e. your competition!) every single day…

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