How To Stop Your Breakup With Your Girl! Can You Handle The Truth?

Finding ways on how to stop your breakup starts with a little wake up call.

Can You Handle The Truth?

Breakups are usually one-sided, and in your ex’s mind, the decision has been made weeks, months, or even years before you guys actually split.

And in most cases, your ex has gone past a point of no return where she doesn’t look at you the same way. And the odds are is that she never will.

Guys try to RATIONALIZE their way back into a relationship, but don’t realize that a female’s view is entirely different.

With that said, you are going to climb an uphill battle to try to win back your ex that takes time, patience and lots of work.

When To Move On

If your ex is currently dating someone, engaged, puts you in the “friend zone”, or married, its time for you to MOVE ON. There is no excuse to pursue her any longer.

Have some respect for her and more importantly for yourself.

A lot of guys try to keep their HOPES alive because their ex’s wants to remain in contact. This is a trap that is so hard to get out of and you’ll have to learn the hard way.

How To Stop Your Breakup

So if you decided that she’s worth it, and you want to try to win her back this is what you’ll have to do.

Step 1

Follow the “no-contact” rule. Don’t communicate with her, don’t reply to any of her needs and get rid of all reminders of her. Delete her emails, email address, phone numbers, or anything that will remind you of her.

Stay away from her for one year. I told you it’s going to be hard.

Step 2

This is probably the most important step.

Reinvent yourself. The old “you” doesn’t cut it anymore for your ex. If she past that “point of no return”, she will never see you the same way if you’re the same guy.

Grow as a person, change your looks, and take on a new life. Learn how to flirt again and expand your social circle. I cannot stress this enough.

Step 3

After one year, get in contact with your ex again. Shoot her an email asking how she’s been doing. That’s all you need…just one line.

If you’ve transformed yourself into a new confident man with options, she will take notice. Meet her for lunch if you feel that it’s appropriate and bam…that’s how get back together with an ex.

These are just the beginning steps to winning back your girl.

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