How to Apologize to Your Girlfriend 101 – Truth Vs. Pride

So you seriously messed up and you want to know how to apologize to your girlfriend. BUT your girlfriend either:

A. Doesn’t want to talk to you…

B. Broke up with you…

C. Seems to act soooo distant to you…

Here are a few powerful ways to apologize that you need to implement TODAY!!

1. Write the LETTER…

Make a list or write a letter explaining how you messed up and why you love her so much. I’m sure in your mental state right now this shouldn’t be difficult. Let it all out…

Don’t forget to include any damage that she HELPED to cause, because she isn’t perfect either. Don’t be shy; I’m sure you have a lot you want to say.

Your letter or list will at least be a page long, but most likely it will be multiple pages.

And last, you’ll want to mail, email, post it on Facebook, make a video or leave her a long voice-mail of what you’ve written.

2. Talk to Her Inner Circle

Explain how you feel to her parents or closest friends. If your ex doesn’t want to talk to you, this is the best way to get to her. You can reiterate to them what you wrote in your letter.

Set an appointment and tell them that you have something important you want to tell them.

Don’t forget to warn them how you’re worried about your ex. How she’s partying too hard or hanging out with the wrong crowd.

Show them that you care and you’ll show her indirectly that you care.

3. The Gift

Did you ever show her how much you cared?? I didn’t think so. Now it’s time. If you want to show her that you’re serious, depending what your situation is like, either..

=> Propose to her

=> Give her a promise ring

=> Send her a bouquet of 101 red roses

This is not the time to be stingy.. or you’re going to lose her forever..

Ok man, I hope you know by now that I’m JOKING.. and if you want to do what most men do then follow any of the above “suggestions”… and LEAVE THIS SITE!

But if you want to apologize the right way..


First.. Let’s get something out of the way.

If you didn’t do anything wrong and were wrongly accused..


Now.. Depending on the severity of your “crime”, you’ll need to do a little evaluating.

But here is the easy part. No, matter what you did.. there is only one way to apologize, and that is ONCE, and only ONCE, with a sincere, and I mean a sincere… “I’m sorry”.

Yea, that’s it. You need to keep it short and sincere. There are a few other variations like:

“Look, I messed up and I want to apologize”

“Hey, I just wanted to say that I’m sorry”

… and so on. I hope you get it.

Now, here is where most guys mess up. AGAIN..This is what you DON”T WANT TO DO!

a. Cry

b. Beg for forgiveness

c. Apologize more than once

d. Buying her forgiveness

e. Slowing your life down for her

f. Sharing it to the whole world. (ex: on Facebook!!) It should only be between the both of you.

Look buddy, if you want to show how much of a man you are, apologize ONCE and get on with your life. NO GROVELING.

There is no apology more powerful than the combination of a good simple SINCERE apology and then brushing it off. …Nothing

Now, you’re probably not going to be able to apologize to your girl or ex girlfriend face to face. So you’re going to have to be a little creative.

You can email, text, or even better, write her a hand-written letter.

But again, keep it short and sincere. One SHORT sentence at the most.

Look, everyone messes up so fess up as soon as you can and be done with it.

Don’t worry about saying the “wrong thing” or being “outcome dependent”.

If you worry, she will see it as a weakness.. Yes, women are that intuitive!!

Now listen up, read carefully, and take action…

I don’t want to scare you, but in situations like this, time is NOT on your side… Everyday your Ex is constantly running across new, exciting and cooler guys then yourself! (i.e. your competition!)

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