How To Win YOUR Girlfriend Back In 4 “No Bullshit” Steps

Going through a break is such a tough emotional experience that I wouldn’t wish it upon my worst enemies, but if you want to know how to win your girlfriend back as fast as possible, then you need to read every last word on this page, plan your strategy and take action.

1. Cutting off any communication is the first thing you must absolutely do. Don’t make a big deal out of it either. Don’t announce it to her or even hint at it. Just disappear. This will probably be rough on you, but hang in tough.

It doesn’t matter if her birthday is coming up or that you previously promised her little brother that you’re going to take him to the ballgame. Now this is counterintuitive to what a lot of guys want to do. And it’s true, a lot of men, want to “show” that they care or they want to try to “convince” their exes to reconsider, but they just wind up pushing their exes further away, and most times, for good…because what most guys think they should do does not work.

Cutting off communication will create a vacuum and more importantly will indirectly show your girlfriend that you have a backbone, and this my friend is what separates the men from the boys. This will have her wondering, why she hasn’t heard from you. And this is the start of rekindling that the small embers that your ex still has for you.

2. Take on a new challenge – Learn something new or set new goals for yourself. Take a Mixed Martial Arts class, learn how to bartend, take a personal sabbatical and travel the world. Do something new, anything!

Do You know what I’m saying? Always move forward.

I know it can be tough to even get out of your bed, but this is the perfect time to heal by taking your mind off of things…the more physical the better.

For me personally, when I was going through a traumatic break-up a few years ago, I ran marathon and took surfing lessons. You could never learn too much. When you are living life too it’s fullest, people in general will gravitate to you. Remember that.

3. I need to say something! – Oops, you slipped! So let’s say that your ex just sent you a text or an email and you just can’t stand letting the message just sit there and you have to say something. (I would still highly suggest for you to keep quiet, but I, myself have slipped up before…but don’t answer her calls!) Whatever you hear from your ex, answer her with really short positive statements, followed by, “you’ll get back to her”.

For example, if she texts you asking how you’ve been, just answer with something similar to “cool, I’m about to head off to my surfing lessons, I’ll get back to you later”. Don’t ask her how she’s been or respond if she tells you that she’s having problems with something. Stay laser focused!

OK, back to staying focused…

4. Women – It would be a good idea to call up your buddies and go out. Meet new women! Like I said above about learning something new, take a salsa or ballroom dance class! If you can’t, set up your profile on an online singles site and have fun.

Look, I’m not asking for you to replace your ex or to go on a dates with other women. (It won’t hurt though) I’m helping you keep your mind off of things.

Remember, I’m here to show you the right path, whether it sounds logical to you or not. Going through a breakup will make you think irrationally, and you will look needy. And in case that you haven’t heard – being needy will push your ex away for good.

The BIG problem with neediness is that women, especially an ex, can smell it a mile away no matter how much you fake it. Keeping your mind constantly in motion will help you grow as a NEW man and make you less needy.

Usually between one or two months, if you did everything right, your ex is probably really wondering what you’ve been up to. This is the perfect time to set up your first “meeting”. Don’t set up anything boring. Tell her that you need to go shopping for your niece’s birthday or even better, take your niece out to an amusement park and ask your ex if she wants to go! There are so many ways to go about it but you must do something…

Exciting and cool!

Create good memories, and do not ever bring up the past. Do not talk about anything negative or put any blame on anything. You are past all of that!

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