Why Women Leave Their Husbands – What YOU Did Wrong and Why You’ll Never Learn

You found your way on to this article because your wife left you. And you most likely, you didn’t see it coming. You’re hurt and want some answers to went wrong.

Why did she suddenly drop everything? Most men are blind when it comes to the basic dynamics of a relationship. Why women leave their husbands isn’t a sudden event. Relationships decline over months and even years. But rest assure, this isn’t the end and you can get her back.

But you can’t make the same mistakes ever again.

You only have one shot at a second chance. First, how was your romance with your wife? Read the rest of this article and find out if you made any of these mistakes.

Did you date your wife?

The dynamics of a marriage changes after a couple of years. It gets stale. With kids, mortgage and work, your priorities change. Most experts say you should take your wife on a date once a month. But in my experience, once every three months is good enough. Electrify her senses with date night. Leave all distractions behind. Better yet, take an exciting trip together…the bolder and more exciting the better. But here is the catch…

Spice…You know what I’m saying?

If you felt that the passion has dissipated over time, it probably was extinguished long before that. Was it you or was it her? As a man, there really isn’t any excuse for your libido to go down, especially nowadays with all of the different pills to help you out. As a couple, did you “experiment” with anything new and exciting? One factor that no expert really treads on is if you had “let yourself go”. You probably need to lose some weight and get a fashion make over.

On a smaller scale, giving a kiss to your wife before work or taking the lead and holding her hand can work wonders for a relationship. When women say, “it’s the little things that count”, this is exactly what they’re talking about.

Did you listen?

A man’s poor listening skills are widely regarded to be one of the biggest killers in a relationship.

Listen up…listening and communicating for a woman is different than it is for a man.

You got that so far?

When women talk, they just want to be heard. They don’t want your opinions. They just want to let it out. It’s therapeutic for them. You don’t even have to talk to them back! A few “uh-huh’s or “tell me more hon” is all you need. Even faking that you’re interested in what she has to say is much better than opening your mouth. Open-ended questions like “how did that make you feel?” or “How was your day?” seriously works wonders.

If you let a woman get her 10 minutes of talk in a day, you’ll get mega points in her book. Men make the mistake of trying to be a no it all or a psychologist. Don’t do that. You’ll sound condescending and resentment will build up in her over time.

What if she’s found a new man?

Nothing is more traumatic in these situations, but you must harness your emotions and not let it affect you. Fake your “coolness” towards that situation, especially in front of your ex. Rebound relationships usually don’t last long and you need to wait it out. This is the perfect time to make a new image for yourself…

And if you think you’re ready to make that first initial contact with her to win her back..

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