How To Get Over Being Dumped 101: Man Vs Pain

How to get over being dumped while your ex seems to be getting on with her life is one of the toughest tests men go through.

I know your pain. It was like yesterday when she was still madly in love with you, but no you’ve lost all control of her love and you don’t know where to turn.

So here are some time-tested rules to help you mend your heart. And if you want to win her back, read the whole article.

Burn baby burn…

That’s right; trash all of your ex’s belongings. If you can’t muster the courage to go through with it, you will suffer the consequences of opening up your wounds anytime you see something that will remind you of your ex.

This includes deleting her number, email address; emails sent to you, unfriending her on Facebook and so on. Don’t cheat on this one. You owe it to your heart.

You’ll have to man up a little one day. Don’t worry; I’m rooting for you.

Do a Houdini…

Perform the greatest disappearing act the world has ever seen. Seriously, it’s time to cut off any communications with her. Again, don’t let your heart suffer. You will feel like you’re taking three steps back before take one step forward.

If you guys run in the same social circles, guess what? Ditch out on them also. Be selfish and take care of yourself. She’s not slowing down and neither should you.

Don’t slip up. This includes replying to her texts or letting your wandering mind take control of your emotions. It’s all about first healing your heart.

She Dumped Me… Accept that it’s over? Nope…

One common misconception that a lot of so-called experts advise is to “accept that it’s over”. Actually, don’t accept anything. Just move on and move forward. There is a difference. The more you’re indifferent about this situation, the better. Guys tend to rationalize over every little detail about breaking up. No need to get caught up on “labeling” anything. Just move forward, no questions asked.

Get Shredded…

How to get over being dumped? It’s time to get physical. Exercise, is bar none, the best remedy. Not just any exercise, but exercise till exhaustion. After a good workout session, you will have drained so much negative tension in you.

You don’t have to get ‘hard-core” about it, taking a long walk will do the help out also, but with long walks you get stuck with long thoughts. That’s the only drawback. So kick it up a notch and do this at least 4 days a week.

A better alternative is to join a martial arts gym. MMA or mixed martial arts seem to be all the rage now. Get your aggressions out in the form of boxing, karate, jiu-jitsu or wrestling. You’ll learn something new along the way also.

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