How Much Money Does a Body Rub Girl Make?

There is no specific answer to how much a body rub girls makes but what we all know is that there is pretty good money in the industry. Body rub girls make way a lot than what most escorts make which goes to show how big they get paid. Most people tend to confuse body rubs with massages thinking they are the same. Women working as body rubs across the United States get paid well but then it all comes down to their clients, city of working and attractiveness and much more. There is no single answer to what a body rub girl makes. We can only do our estimation to how each makes within a week or a month depending on the flat rate charges in most cities.

Let’s just take a case of an 8-hour shift that does not include tips for the obvious reason. You can’t include tips as they are given differently. The answer is always long and depends on several factors. The following are some of the factors that go into determining how much a body rub makes.

body-rub-girlMost body rubs across major cities like New York, Los Angeles, and Las Vegas are available in standard sessions of 15-30 minutes and 30-60 minutes. There are breaks in between the sessions for meals which might also affect how much a body rubs girl makes. There cases where body rubs girls have reported omitting meals and breaks when they have a lot of clients to concentrate on making money.

On average without breaks or meals in between the sessions, body rub girl in cities like Las Vegas, New York, and Manhattan makes around $1280 maximum. It sounds a lot, but that is how much they can make in a single session of 8-hours without a break. This amount does not include tips meaning it could go higher if we would include all the tips the girls are given.

However, making $1280 every day is rarely impossible, and only a few girls get close in a single day to make that much. However, it shows just how much they can make when everything favors them. This means the looks, regulars, and sincerity.

However, there are days when things will be bad, and a body rub girl makes as low as $40 a shift. This can then be compensated during the peak seasons. The average amount of money body rub girls makes across major cities is between $200-700 a day when working with a certain agency. This is pretty good considering you start your job during the evening when most men have filled bars and nightclubs. There are various agencies looking to hire body girls and looking to pay them, even more, depending on their location and availability. You must have a car to work outcall or have a place where you do the incalls.

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