Drunk Calling Your Ex…

Ok, so you’ve been in no-contact for a couple of weeks and you’re emotions are about to burst so you decide to have a couple of shots of tequila, well, two shots suddenly turns into eight shots and now you find yourself hitting the speed dial straight to your ex.

You’re not sure if you want her to answer but you just need to get some things out of your chest. You want to know the truth, you want to tell her that you miss her; you want to ask her what you can do to fix things.

“Hello” She answers…

In your pathetic drunken stupor, your heart still skips a beat as you try to catch your breath.

“Hey, babe.. how are you?”… you say

“Are you drunk??”

You: “I had a couple of shots, but I’m ok.. just wanting to hear your voice”

Her: “Umm.. I don’t have time to talk right now, I’m on a date with some guy who isn’t boring and clingy like you are”

You: “How can you do this to me? I just want to talk!?”

Her: “Ok.. Ok.. Give me a call tomorrow afternoon and we’ll talk”

You: “Ok, babe”

Her: Hangs up

Well, it’s tomorrow afternoon and you loosened yourself up a little and give her a ring… no answer

A half hour later you try again.. no answer..

Two hours later you call and leave a voicemail… “Hey, I’m just returning your call, give me a call back”

One week later and you still haven’t heard from her, and now you’re pissed. She has the upper hand now. “How can she do this to me?”

In all seriousness, this type of situation is played every friggin’ day. Your situation is NOT UNIQUE. You might think it is, but believe me, it’s not.

There are a set of rules that are easy in theory, but super-tough in practice, to win back an ex girlfriend.

Most of you won’t be able to see the light til a few years down the road when you finally take a step back after you’ve completely healed.

“Wow, I’m a wuss…”

You only get one pass at letting this happen to you, if you find yourself in this situation multiple times in your life, then you need to start making some changes.

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