Escaping the Friend Zone ==> RUN!

Don’t just get out of the friend zone. You need to escape and jump out as if your life depends on it. I’m not exaggerating with this one guys. Look, if you want to hear me say something “supportive” – leave now. This post isn’t for the weak of heart.

If a female puts you in the “friend zone” she basically means that she’s not sexually attracted to you. And that’s only the beginning, because she also doesn’t see you as a “man”.

So what can you do? Well, whatever you were doing in the past, you need to destroy.

Never contact her again and if trying to get your attention annoys her, light up a cigarette and tell her to shut the hell up.

Harsh? Nope…

Want to “hang on” to your friendship? Go ahead. I want you to do that. You’ll learn the hard way. And if this has happened to you more than once… well, I’ll pray for you.

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