She Says She Needs Space?! Good Luck Getting her Back, Buddy…

I’m sure you’re still trying to understand what your chick meant when she says she needs space.

But don’t be fooled by that line. It’s a line that women were born to say to shred your heart and comes in different varieties, such as:

Her: “It’s not you, it’s me”

Her: “I just need to think about things”

Her: “I’m confused”

Her: “I just want to be friends”

Her: “I’m taking that job offer overseas”

Her: “You’re nice and all, but…”

Her: “Maybe, we can work things out later”

Skip to the bottom for how you should REALLY reply OR read on to “wake up”…

Did you find yourself saying any of these lines? These are the snappy comebacks most guys come up with:

You: “Babe, what’s wrong?”

You: “How much time do you need?”

You: “I love you”

You: “What do you want from me?”

You: “I’ll do anything for you”

You: “I just want you/us to be happy”

And if you use a little no contact she sends you a text, email, Facebook message, etc that goes something like this:

Her: “Hey!”

Her: “How are you?”

Her: “I miss you”

Her: “My car broke down, can you give me a ride to…”

Her: “Just want to say Hi”

Her: “Can you loan me some cash?”

Her: “Remember when we used to….?”

And you reply with something like:

You: “LOL!”

You: “I miss you too”

You: “I’m just here waiting for you”

You: *Some long ass, boring speech that goes on forever on what you’ve been doing lately*

You: “Are you ok?”

And she replies back with something like:

Her: *crickets*

And a week later you’re still waiting for her answer…

What you should be saying:

You: “I wanted to talk to you about that, I actually met someone else… “

You: “Adios”

You, while obviously not listening to her: “Yea, ok.. I didn’t think we were working out anyway”

You: “I’m really ok with it, I want to meet new people”

You: “I’m glad you brought it up before I did”

You: *give her a hug* “we’ll talk about it later…” (never call her back)

But the best offense is a better defense. Meaning if your “gut” tells you something is up with your relationship, you better step up NOW, because once past the breakup “point of no return”, the odds of winning back any woman is slim to none. Mark my words.

If you let your emotions take control, which happens to 90% of men, you will not make any gains.

Only the strongest of men can make it work, you don’t need to be an ass, but you need to be indifferent and actually make sure that your life is better without her.

Better yet, be tough about it, have a plan and have KNOWLEDGABLE support.

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