Wall of Pain – Tell Us Your Breakup Story

I haven’t contacted my ex in a week and when we did she said that there is a part on her that she was right in breaking up and a part that says the other way around.

However I was made to believe that what she is saying to me was that when she gets to realize that she made a wrong decision in leaving me she wants to be with me again.

Later she said she just said those words so that we could be friends and that she wants to be with me not as a boyfriend but a friend and told me that I misinterpreted what she said and that she is not returning to me. So I told here right here on we need to end this and she agreed. We are no longer in contact.

I feel so used that I told her that’s BS.

Do girls really change their mind a lot?
How can I tell which is the truth?
She has got a boyfriend now and did I really misinterpret her message?

She also said that if ever she fails and get hurt I won’t be there to see her yet for her I am there.

Is this some kind of cryptic message that she will get hurt?

Need friends and chatmates to ease this BS feeling like I’m used.

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