“My Ex Has a New Boyfriend!” – Here’s How To Get Her Back Fast!

So you’re not with your girlfriend anymore but you still want her back, but you found out that your ex has a new boyfriend.

Deep down inside you know this new guy isn’t good for her and that she’s just on a rebound.

And now you want her back even more.

Is there anything you can do to win her back?

Yes.. Here are some powerful tips to get her back:

Be cool…

It sounds easier said than done, but some people think that begging your way back to your ex is a good thing. Well, let me tell you, it’s not.

If there is any ounce of complaint in you, you’re just going to push her away further. This is where you’re going to have to tough it out for a little bit. Wish the best for her and let her know it. Don’t mention anything about your past or ask too many questions about her new man.

The worst thing you can do is being nosey. Be cool and nonchalant about it.

Be quiet…

Opening your mouth too much will and can get you in trouble. Especially the emotional state you’re in. Don’t underestimate the power of not opening your mouth. Now I’m not saying to show your displeasure. Remember, be cool and positive, but be quiet.

If you’re thinking to yourself, if this is the only way to get her back. Then you have to take a step back and evaluate your reasons. You might be better off finding a new girl who will accept you for being yourself.

If you already can keep it cool, then don’t worry and keep at it. Try to take on some new hobbies and interest. This will not only make you better as an individual, but your ex will take interest in your new adventures.

What a lot of men don’t understand is that this can be a difficult situation to overcome. It’s exponentially more difficult to be with your ex when she’s thinking about someone new and that you’re not a priority.

But deep down inside you know that there is a special place in her heart for you. This is your way in. Because where there is hope, there is a way.

If you’re thinking of tricking your girlfriend back to you, forget about it. Dishonesty just breeds bad karma. No matter how friendly you think your plan is, it can come back to haunt you later.

A lot of men try to use jealousy to attract their exes.

Does it work? Yes, it does.

Should you try it?

I wouldn’t exactly say that you should purposely get your ex jealous for the hopes of sparking attraction, but you should consider dating someone new for yourself.

Focus on yourself and be cool around your ex and you’ll be surprised on what this can do. Your ex will soon find how much she misses you and will wonder why she left such a wonderful man for a new guy who just can’t compete.

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