After Winning Your Ex Back, Will Love Last a Second Time Around?

After a hard battle of winning your ex back, you should congratulate yourself. Without the right plan and discipline you would have never got back together. But it’s not over, yet. Actually, it’s just the beginning.

Depending on how you and your girl separated, there usually is a lot of baggage involved. And in most cases, the love WILL NOT LAST. If you do don’t want to go through the pains of a breakup again, listen up. Here are some surefire tips to making your relationship work a second time around.

If you want your girl to stick around, you have to build trust. A lot of times, strong bonds are created by counterintuitive measures. Be consistent with your actions. There are many experts out there who believe that surprises will keep a relationship balanced. But this is a wrong way to look at it. Your girl needs you to be solid and reliable. Like a man who is a natural provider – strong and always there for his woman.

Your actions should speak much louder than your words. And that’s an understatement. Now, I’m not talking about buying gifts, or taking your girl out more. What I’m talking bout is something more simple. No empty promises or sweet talk. Little things like helping out with the dishes or opening the door for her, without saying anything does wonders. Your partner does not want to hear words, contrary to what most guys think. They want to sense that you are there for them.

Trusting your girlfriend is huge. No matter how you broke up, don’t let the past cloud your future. Women are intuitive by nature and if you don’t trust them, they will feel like they are too tied down. Having trust in your relationship shows, by your actions, that you’re a strong man, who lives a good life regardless if your girl is with you or not.

Be open. Don’t be afraid to let your girl now how you feel once in awhile. And encourage her to do the same. Resentment will build up gradually on both sides if you don’t talk things out once in awhile. But there’s a catch. Don’t bring up the past and don’t bring up anything negative. You’re walking a fine line on being and bringing up negativity. It’s actually better to keep your mouth shut then to bring up the past.

Don’t be a pushover. Yes, you might have been at fault for your breakup, but that doesn’t mean that you need to bow down to all of her needs. Your girl will not respect a man that she can run over. Now you might be the one who is doing most of the pushing, and in cases like that, you need to find a way to tone it down. A woman who has some mistrust in you will not be bossed around a second time around. So consider yourself lucky, if you’re this type and your girl is willing to give you a second chance.

Grow together. Do something fun and challenging together as a team. Don’t settle for the same Saturday movie night. Eat at an exotic restaurant or take a trip out together. Stirring up the adrenaline never hurt anyone and will only make your bond stronger.

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