How Can I Get My Ex Girlfriend Back? Tactic #6 – The Jealousy *Bitch Slap* Method

If you decide to use some sneakier tactics on “how can i get my ex girlfriend back“, here is one of the more powerful psychological methods you can use.

Here are the prerequisites:

1. You’re good friends with your ex’s girlfriends

2. You’re ex still wants to be friends with you

If your situation fits the above prerequisites then read on. If not, sign up for my free report and mini-course to your right.

Step 1 – Change Your Look

You’ll want to change to a look that your ex girlfriend has shown interest in the past. The key here though, is that you have to do it SUBTLY. Maybe grow out your hair little or shave off your beard.

Keep it simple, but yet noticeable. So, let’s say that your ex girlfriend mentioned to you before how a certain celebrity looks, model your change after him. But only a little…it’s important.

Step 2 – Here Is the *Bitch Slap* Date Again…But Not Just Anybody…

To show that you’re a good catch, you’re going to date one of your ex’s friends. Yea, that’s right, ask out one of her friends for something casual. When she says yes, you’re going to text or email your ex RIGHT BEFORE your date for some advice on where you should take her friend out.

Note: Your ex might react strangely here because you just stirred up her emotions. She might contact you right away or contact her friend right away.

Now, on your date, you should be the best NEW you. Have fun and be a gentleman. Take her out to a place where you never took out your ex. Have a good time and talk about things that you might think she doesn’t know about you.

After your date, give her a kiss and send her something that you would never send your ex, whether it’s flowers or a bottle of wine. Be creative.

Step 3 – Just Wait

Word will soon get to your ex about how much of a gentleman you are and all of the details of your date.

Her friend will be pitching how good you are to your ex! This type of subliminal information is going to hit your ex at her core.

Your ex will be missing you at this point and this is the perfect time to take another step to your ultimate goal of winning her back….

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