How Can You Mend Your Broken Heart Fast? Here’s How…

So I hear that you just broke up. I know it’s tough. A lot of people will give you different types of advice, but no one can understand your gut-wrenching pain. I know how it is. So here are some powerful tips on how can you mend your broken heart.

Talk to someone: Go and talk to your family. In my opinion, your mom will make the best listener. Or talk to a buddy who went through a bad breakup and is now better than ever. Talk about everything. Let it all out. Even if you have to shed a few tears. Don’t stay home and sulk. Go out as much as you can. Go try out a new restaurant or take on a new hobby. It can be tough to drag yourself out but it’s good for you. There will be people who aren’t going to be as sympathetic but don’t let them bring you down. Your main goal is just to talk and talk.

Watch your health: You’re in a time of stress, both mentally and physically. Take on a new hobby of eating healthy. You’ll cleanse your body, soul, and will take the first steps in looking better than ever. It’s not as hard as you think. You have so much energy in you, albeit it’s negative. Turn that energy around into something useful. Get your 8 hours of sleep a day and get plenty of exercise. Always remember to drag yourself forward.

You are number one: Stop thinking about “what if you could have done this…” or “what if you could have done that…” This will make you feel worse. Have people remind you to snap out of your thoughts.

Take on a new challenge: Do something different. Here are some examples. Learn how to salsa, travel to a foreign country, learn a martial art, take a bartending class, train for a marathon, or clean out your garage. New activities will take your mind off of negative thoughts and you will emerge as an even more powerful being.

Time to shed tears: Give yourself a certain time of day to cry. But limit your crying to only a certain time. During this time, let it all out. Don’t hold back. You can do it alone or with someone at your side. Crying will ease the empty feeling in your soul.

Time is on your side: Father time is looking after you. It sew your heart right back to new. Don’t ever doubt it. I know that you don’t think that you can ever feel better again, but trust me, you will. And you’ll feel even better. Don’t worry about wondering how long the healing process will take. Everyone heals at different speeds. Slow and slower.

Get into a fight: There is this monster you’ll be fighting everyday. It’s a dark shadow that holds you down in bed, it won’t let you think clearly at school or work, it plays with your appetite and gives you eye bags. But you’re stronger than it. And you win by dragging yourself forward. It can be a drag but you can and will win this fistfight. It might be a 15 round battle, but I’m in your corner giving you water and pointers. You can do it.

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