I Just Got Dumped – How the Hell Am I Supposed to Win Her Back??

“I just got dumped” – Those are the most painful words a man can say to me. Not because I feel your pain and understand where you’re coming from, but painful like – my brother has a drug addiction – painful.

First thing, can you calm down? No, the world is not coming to an end and yes, you’re going to be fine. Got that?

Please save me your “unique situation”. Your breakup is the same as the millions of broken-hearted men who fell before you and will be the same for the next million. I know that can be tough to swallow, but taking it easy on you is not the answer.

Depending on how much damage you have caused, I would suggest for you at this time to step back… way back. I know it’s hard NOT to check out your ex on Facebook, but at least put some effort of not contacting her.

If she tries to contact you, go ahead, answer her back. I want you to learn the hard way because there is no better way to learn. You’ll soon realize (hopefully) that answering her back will get you back to step one.

You have a big hill to climb, you realize that right? So don’t mess up.

So What Is the Plan Now?? I Just Got Dumped, Remember!

At this point your choices are seriously limited. Here are your 2 ONLY options:

Option #1 – Fall Out of Love with Her

How the hell are you supposed to do that?? Well, you’ll need to discipline yourself like you’ve never done before. She wants to stay friends with you? Too bad, because you’re not going to stay friends with her.

You’re going to play head games with your own head. You’ll have to learn how to shake her from your mind every time you feel like to breakdown and cry.

And last is that you’ll have to accept that she’s gone forever and that she’ll never come back.

This might take a while, for most people, the healing process doesn’t really start until 6 months later. But then again, most people can’t seem to let go. They’ll save all of her emails and text messages or look for powerful love spells. Her pictures are packed away, but close enough to look at a moment’s notice.

So say that its 6 months later and you’re starting to feel a lot better and you want to look her up online or send her a text message. You’re kind of hesitant to do it, but what is the harm.

What a mistake…

You look her up online and notice that she seems to be having fun. Her pictures are all the same… there is some dude who is always with her.

Your heart races and you’re hurt again. Guess what. You’ve just opened up your wounds again and in your mind you’re saying to yourself “I just got dumped”.

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